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"I've worked with @mahoganimedia on numerous projects involving major, indie, and independent labels. She has an incredible amount of knowledge and education being she is a professional with a degree and +years of Experience. Being an upcoming producer and establishing your brand its good to surround your self with professionals who are passionate about their craft. This lady is the real deal and one of the hardest working professionals in the Industry!"


"Kristi is awesome at what she does. She has helped me from the beginning of my photography journey. She has also been my creative director for boudoir sessions. This allowed me to focus on shooting and not posing and placement. That was a huge blessing."


Brittany FigaroPhotographer, Owner : Figaro Photography, LLC 




"Kristi Woodard is a professional that does not allow inferiority to represent or be associated with her brand. As an aspiring writer without any experience, I took a chance on a long shot by having her read my work. Months later, I had a working relationship and mentorship that led to my writing being sought out for many websites and publications. Thanks to Ms. Kristi Woodard, I am in the beginning stages of operating my own blog, Good Kid, Ratchet City and making essential connections to a prosperous future in media."


Terrance Porter / Writer  @ShortT318