Mahogani Media | FAQs






Do You Have A Studio?

No, I do not. I worked in a studio for years but when I decided to strike out on my own, I wanted to do on-location photography.  I prefer to shoot on location, but do have access to a studio if a client needs it and is willing to pay extra.  Otherwise, let's be creative and use the WORLD as your backdrop! :)


What Days/Times Can I Book A Session?

My only "off day" is Monday. You can book any day or time aside from that day.  Sessions must be book at least 3 days in advance or you will be charged a convenience fee.   To book a session, use our Booking link on the homepage or email


Do You Work With Aspiring Models?

Yes! I am always willing to work with new faces and creative minds.  If you are an aspiring model looking to do TFCD, please email me at and send me some shots of yourself (they don't have to be professional).  I also offer one-on-one mini-sessions for models.  Email me for pricing!


Do You Travel?

Yes, provided my travel is paid for in advance, along with services fees. 


I Took Photos A While Ago & Don't See Them On The Site, How Can I Get Them?

I archive photos every year, so if yours are not present on the site, they probably have been archived.  Accessing archived photos is a $10 fee. A new CD is $35. 


What Are Your Prices?

Please view our Media Menu from the home page for pricing.  If you have questions about a service, please email me at


Why Do Pictures Cost So Much?

As was told to me when I first begin in photography, photos are priceless.  Having your memories captured for generations to come is well worth any price, especially if you want quality.  I work alone, as do most freelance photographers, and the fee I charge is not just for the time spent in the session.  Fees include consultation, possible location scouting, travel to the location, the actual session, and then time spend editing your photos to make them look their best.  Client's pay for a photographer's skill and time and I believe what I charge reflects the worth of my skill and time.  Hope that answers your question! :) 


What Is Your Turnaround Time?

For photos, my turnaround time is 7-14 days.  For video production, 2-6 weeks (depending on the complexity of the production).  


Do I Get Prints With My Session?

I do not personally print out images from each session.  I offer an online album instead, or clients can purchase a CD of their images to print wherever they like.  However, clients CAN purchase prints on  I can also customize packages if needed.  Just email me if you have a question or concern (