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Instead of sending lots of difficult paperwork for you to keep up with, I decided to post my Policies and other important Client Information (411) here!  Please take a minute to read them and let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at







Booking begins the minute you inquire about services and payment is required soon after.  For videography and event photography, at least one week in advance and for photography at least 3 days in advance.  In most cases, only a deposit is necessary to book, but I reward those who pay in full!  For services $50 or less, full payment is due at time of booking.  



Events and Weddings are special moments and require special preparations!  For both, we submit a contract for payment to ensure that we handle your special event with the greatest of care.  All events/weddings must be booked, and deposit paid, at least one week in advance.  Contract must be signed and submitted before the event.  Some larger events may require an assistant and that is an additional charge.  Please do your best to provide the photographer with ALL information BEFORE the event to ensure a successful photography experience! 



Deposits are required at time of booking for most services.  Services priced $50 or less require full payment at time of booking.  Once the client is consulted, MM will send an invoice or request deposit/payment, and payment must be made immediately (so please don't contact us until you are ready to submit payment!). Dates are NOT held without deposit/payment.  If invoice is not paid within one week of being sent, it will be cancelled and to be re-sent, a fee will be charged.   

* MM prefers payments via PayPal (you can use your debit/credit card or PayPal account) but also accept cash, money orders.  For checks, only business checks will be accepted. 



In most cases, deposits and fees paid are non-refundable.  The only exceptions are if the photographer cannot show up or if for some reason the shoot cannot take place because of the photographer. Cancellation of events are not an exception unless there are extenuating circumstances (such as an act of act of God or medical emergency).  In lieu of refunds, any sessions can be re-scheduled if there are circumstances that prevent the client from showing up to their appointment. 



Wedding photography and videography are premium services and require great care before, during and after the event.  MM requires a contract for all wedding services.  Deposit must be paid at least one week in advance.  Clients can book as far in advance as they wish.  For clients that pay in full at time of booking, we reward them with a free bridal mini-session!  Wedding photography turnaround town is up to 1 month after the date, videography is up to 6 weeks after the date.  








Inform the Photographer! - Please make sure that you get your consultation done well in advance of your session and inform the photographer of anything she needs to know, including: Number of people being photographed, Location, Concept, Styling/Outfits, Shots Wanted, Special Requests, etc.


Ask The Photographer! - Ask questions BEFORE hand!  No question is silly! Ask about anything you want personally for your session, about payment or turnaround time, and anything else you want to ask.  If the photographer is not available by phone, feel free to email:


Know Your Location - For the most part, sessions are done at common locations, but whether it's common or not, be sure to Google Map or Map Quest your location before hand to be sure you know where you're going and will be on time.  


Plan With Kids In Mind - If you are doing a session that involves babies or kids, be mindful that it needs to be around THEIR schedule.  In the morning after they wake and eat is best, or right after school.  Do NOT schedule close to nap time or right around feeding time.  Also, it's always a good idea to bring treats as "bribes", bring personal items that they are familiar with to make them comfortable, and let the photographer know in advance if your child is not a fan of photos -- We'll work together to try to change that! :) 


Check The Forecast - We usually do that for you, but be mindful of the weather on your appointment date! During the summer, it's best to shoot early morning or late evening to avoid harmful temperatures.  For hot days, bring cold water, a blanket or umbrella if you have kids (or if you need one yourself).  For cold days, bring coats with you to the location or a blanket to keep warm during the session.  If rain is in the forecast (40% or more), we will be glad to reschedule for another day if you so choose.  





Help The Photographer - We consider each session a TEAM effort and to get the best quality from your session, it's always best to help the photographer.  Let her know what you like and don't like and what you want.  If there are multiple people involved (family, wedding, event) help the photographer during the session to identify who needs to be photographer and how.  If kids are involved, be the photographer's right hand in helping your child smile -- Stay close by and be as patient as possible.  


Get The Shots You Want! - Most times during your consultation, we will discuss the shots you want, but if you come up with something during the session, speak up!  Again, this is a TEAM effort and we want you to get EXACTLY what you want -- you're paying for it!


Respect The Location Grounds - 98% of our portrait sessions are done outside, on public grounds.  Please be mindful of this and be sure to not leave any trash around, and watch kids so that they don't destroy any plants or property during the session.  As mama used to say "Leave it just how you found it" :) 





Check For Correspondence - Whether by text, social media or e-mail, within a week after your session, you should receive an update on the status of your photos, or a link to view your photos.  If you purchased a CD, you will receive notification that it is ready for pick-up or has been mailed out. 


Approve Proofs -  If you have a session where proof approval is required (as with mini-shoots), view your images, and use our Add To Favorites option to pick your proofs for editing, then Send To Photographer. 


View and Save/Download - Once you receive your viewing link, if it is a client session you will be allowed to save watermarked images to your hard drive (only certain mobile devices allow viewing and saving).  If you have purchased a CD or image release, you will be allowed to download high-resolution images without the watermark.


Order Prints/Products - For event photography, weddings and senior portraits, we add the option of ordering prints to your album.  You can order prints right from our website!  We can also customize packages if you need that option.  If your album does not have an ordering price list, let us know and we will add/create one for you!



Still have questions or concerns?? E-mail us: