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If you know me personally, you know this has been a long time in the making.  

Though I've been a photographer and videographer for a while, I've been a writer all my life.  

I've always wanted to make films but until I decided to pursue an MFA, I didn't know how. 

So mostly, I've chosen to support other filmmakers, being a part of their crews and cheering them on.  


Now that I have the know-how and I'm in a place where I can be inspired, I can no longer hide my aspirations to direct.  Aspirations that were ignited when I was 14 and first saw Malcolm X, directed by my creative idol -- Spike Lee.  

Now all the talents I've been putting on the shelf to help others are finally going to be put to use.  I feel like I've been training for this all my life.  And I am SO ready for it. 

I'm excited to share this journey with you all ... as I work towards becoming an accomplished director.  

It started with mahogani media ... but will progress with MM Films. 


Stay tuned! 









New/Current MM logo - revamped by TD Creations in 2010New/Current MM logo - revamped by TD Creations in 2010


The MM Filmmaking Fund is MM's grassroots crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the production of our short films directed by MM's founder, mahogani (Kristi Woodard).  

Though film-making is not as expensive as it used to be (thanks to technology) it still costs money to get one done ... And that's where YOU, our supporters, come in.  


Through donations made to The MM Filmmaking Fund (via GoFundMe and PayPal) we will raise the most of the money needed for production costs, which include: Cinematography, Locations fees, Props, Construction, Set Decoration, Wardrobe/Costuming, Make-Up, Permits, Insurance, Sound Recording, etc ... PLUS fees paid to some of our crew AND catering to feed them! :)

We started with a successful funding campaign for MM's first short film Siren Song (to be released in 2017) and will continue using this platform to create capital for future films. 


To support the MM Filmmaking Fund, go to today and MAKE A DONATION. 

Every little bit helps and we will be posting tiered incentives and rewards to help you help us meet our goals.  


Thank you in advance for your support and investment in MM Films!!