Mahogani Media | About

I am mahogani 

aka Kristi Woodard

aka "The Media Diva"


I am a Louisiana native.

I am a lifelong creative.

I love media.


I've been creative every since I can remember. Writing poetry, songs, and participating in performing arts as a child/pre-teen.  I was student journalist in high school.  And I went to college for Broadcast Journalism (B.A. from LSU .. #GeauxTigeers).

I love media. I have worked as a TV news producer, a morning radio show producer, and a production assistant on movie sets ... And though writing is my first love -- photography and film have always been special to me.  

I started out as most photographers probably do, as a hobbyist and a substitute photographer/videographer for family functions. Still, I didn't make it a profession until much later in life. 


While taking a class at a community college (after getting my degree), my Photography professor told me that I had a knack for portraits, I parlayed that "knack" into a part-time job at a retail portrait studio. There clients told me I should be doing photography on my own ... so I did. 

I entered in the profession in 2007, then ventured into freelance in 2009, and haven't looked back since. 

Along with photography, I have over a decade of experienced in other areas of media -- such as videography, public/media relations, promotions, event planning, creative writing and publicity. I've helped both individuals and business step up their "media game" and hope to continue that at every level and in multiple creative aspects. 


Nearly a decade after entering this profession, I am now living in close proximity to one of the arts capitals of the world -- New York City.  Here, I continue to use my inspirations as catalysts to creativity.   

In 2015, I fulfilled a life-long dream of writing and directing my first short film, "Siren Song" (learn more at   I hope to bring my creations to the world through all forms of media. 

As you can see, Mahogani Media is more than just photography. As a creative media professional, I hope to continue pushing exciting visual media to the forefront and use creative media to enrich the lives of my clients.

You can reach me at for services or to learn more about Mahogani Media


* I am on most social media sites as @mahoganimedia. Check the Contact page for a complete list and links to my social media pages*