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The year 2014 was a year of transition for me.  I met a lot of my goals, reached a few milestones, had good times and bad times … but most of all I finally let go and let God guide me outside of my comfort zone called Louisiana … to a place where I can be inspired and work toward reaching goals I’ve had for a life time.   Here are just a few of my favorite memories of 2014:



New Faces

One of my major professional goals for 2014 was to get some new faces in front of my lens.  Even though I love my faves … my portfolio was getting a little redundant lol.  

Thankfully, after a few hits, misses, fakes and flakes --- opportunites finally came.  I had the pleasure of shooting the amazing Polymodel Moana when I visited Dallas to handle some biz and hang out with my girl Tiffany Walker who designs Pink Lucy

An impromptu shoot commenced and we got some great shots that you can find in my Top Shots of 2014.  My fave was the one of her looking in the mirror (pictured right) which I got on the fly.  I love shooting with ambient light and her skin just glowed! Love it! 

Also in the year I got to shoot my new chica Li Torres Brown.  She wanted to get back into modeling and I wanted more ethnic variety in my port, so I did a closet pull and we took off to a couple of locations and had a ball!  Some other newbies I had the pleasure of shoot was my girl Laneshia, who’s natural hair and fit body was perfect for a silhouette session while she did some yoga poses … and my future screen-star Candice who proved that full-figured women can rock photo shoots too! 

Thanks to all the ladies who added some variety and spice to my portfolio in 2014 … Hope to do more in the coming year! J




Bad Buddha

One of my favorite moments of 2014 was my only time on set the entire year … working on an indie short called Bad Buddha

It was a weekend shoot in my hometown with 10-12 hour days.  The director Clay gave me a chance as my first time being a Scripty (Script Supervisor) for his short he entered in the Louisiana Film Prize.  I don’t think I did an amazing job but I know what to do right the next time! Lol.   

Clay was a good director and I learned a lot working a great group of people, especially the films still photographer Jim Noetzel.  #Salute to him!  

Check out the film HERE

And check out more photos I shot from Behind The Scenes HERE.




Hands down one of my favorite events of 2014 - Unscene's February event. I was able to bring the Live Beats Cypher to the crowd with the help of super-artist (graphic designer, rapper and producer) NATE TREME.

(L to R: EFF!M, Mikey Tyner aka King Author, RaiTHRILLA, DC on the mic, Nate Treme on the beats)

Live Beats Cypher

One of my favorite events in 2014 was part of UnScene Shreveport, which was a monthly event that brought a variety of art in one place for all to enjoy. 

I was fortunate enough to pitch an idea for a Live Beats Cypher after I witnessed an awesome beatmaker named Nate Treme bang out some beats on his MPC during an Arts Market the prior Fall. 

He was just drawing attention to his wife’s booth but when he handed his mic to a couple of lyricists who gathered to listen, the idea came to me.  He and I both chose four lyricists each and they freestyled to beats that Nate created LIVE.  [Don’t worry, they HAD to keep it clean! Lol].

Everyone told us how much they enjoyed it … and I hear they still do it when they have hip hop events and Nate is there.  It’s awesome to have brought so many great hip hop artists together and know they’re still collaborating to this day.  :)



MM Celebrates 5 Years!!! (graphic created by ForthCeed Pro Designs)MM Celebrates 5 Years!!! (graphic created by ForthCeed Pro Designs)


It almost got away from me but I did remember that Mahogani Media’s 5th Birthday was this year.  

Though the IDEA of Mahogani Media was conceived when I was an undergrad at LSU, I posted the date as the same day I had my first professional shoot … April 18th … because that’s when the vision actually became a reality and my business was formed. 

To commemorate the occasion I attempted to do a few anniversary shoots, including with the person I first shot but things didn’t go as planned.  I did manage to get one done with my first ever Male Model, Shad Small … We got some great shots (many of which I still have to post lol). 

It’s still crazy to me that it’s been 5 years since I decided to make my talents work for me instead of just letting other people use them for profit … and honestly, as hard as it’s been, I haven’t regretted it. 

Here’s to the next 5 years and all the greatness I know it has in store!  #Cheers




MFA Life

One of the most major things that happened to me in 2014 was being admitted to an Art School to finally pursue my MFA. 

I wrote about this in my blog before … about the tough journey of pursuing something that was “safe” just to please others and then realizing it was a huge mistake. 

But last year, I started the year with the motivation to try again.  So I did some research, contacted a school I’d been in communication with but never applied to, got my stuff together, did an awesome portfolio video (thanks Zay!) and by May, I’d gotten my admission letter! And that’s only where it BEGAN. 

Two hard-working semesters later, I have a 3.75 GPA and I’ve learned so much about film and about myself as an artist and filmmaker.  I know that being a woman, degrees are important to compete in this male-dominated industry, and I’m out to get it …. And I can’t WAIT to use what I’ve learned this year to put my ideas on film and out there in the world …

#WatchMeWork  #MFALife



Mahogani Media: Blog Pix &emdash;


The biggest of my transitions in 2014 was packing up my entire life and moving to Newark, NJ. 

For almost two years I’d been trying to move but obstacles kept coming at me (read about that in my personal blogs HERE and HERE). 

But a friend of mine finally offered me his couch (Thanks DD!) and after booking my one-way flight, just a couple of weeks before my birthday I was officially an East Coaster. 

I won’t say it’s been easy or that the offers have been pouring in … but it’s definitely great to be somewhere that inspires your personal and professional greatness.  After just a few months, it feels like home. 

You can read more about my past 3 months on my new #SGNW blog HERE.  

I plan to keep my friends and followers more updated on this Southern Girl (in her) Northern World, so stay tuned :)    




Mahogani Media: Blog Pix &emdash; Meeting My Idol

One of my top moments of 2014 had to be meeting my creative idol, Spike Lee.  After one instance where I was just 10 feet from him and I froze (like a true crazed fan lol), I  knew that if I ever got the chance again I would not let it pass. 

A friend who lives in Brooklyn, showed me where his office for 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks was, and when I saw it, I felt the same way I did as when I first set foot in NYC.  I know it’s where I belong. 

So when he had a pop-up shop there and invited people to come get 40Acres swag and get it signed, I made my voyage to BK and though I was super late, he was there when I got there. 

I will share the FULL story soon, but just being there in his presence, I can’t explain it.  Someone who’s been on my creative mind for over 20 years and basically shaped my views of film had his arm around me taking a pic.  I know he does it for everyone, but it meant everything to me. 

As I told my Facebook friends … that was goal one.  The next step is to work FOR him … and then work WITH him.  That moment is definitely a key motivator for 2015.




And speaking of 2015, if you haven’t check out my new page MM Films, please go do so.  And if you haven’t browsed through my Top Shots of 2014, do that as well. 

This New Year is going to be an amazing creative journey for me.  I feel like I’m finally going to unleash all the talent that I’ve put on the shelf to help others for so many years.  I hope you’re ready!  But most of all I just hope you continue to support me ….

Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year everyone!

-          m


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