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In case you hadn’t checked it out yet, I’ve added a new page to the website called MM FILMS

It’s not a permanent name but it should give you a clue of where Mahogani Media is headed in the coming year.

Though I’ve been a fan of film my entire life, I was really enamored with the medium until I saw a little film called Malcolm X, directed by my creative idol – Spike Lee.  

Sitting on the floor, in the front of an AMC Theater, I saw this masterfully directed biopic and I knew I wanted to make films that touched me the way this film did.

Even after becoming a student journalist in high school and working for the TV station (learning to shoot and edit), then going to college majoring in Mass Communication and minoring in film (during which I also took production and writing courses), I didn’t fully take on the role I truly desired.  I directed some things, but mostly took a back seat and served as the supporting staff on various TV and film sets.  

After graduating college, then working in TV News, the fire to direct wasn’t rekindled until I worked on the film set of Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins under the direction of Spike's cousin Malcolm D. Lee

Watching how a film is made, how directors and actors interact, how a script comes to life – all of it reignited my passion to get behind a camera.

Though I ended up in still photography, that fire has been burning inside me for over five years.  And after starting my MFA program (finally) this year, I can no longer contain it.  I must fulfill this life-long aspiration. 


Enter: #OperationMakeAMovie

For years I’ve watched others enter a fairly new festival that takes place in my hometown called the Louisiana Film Prize.  It’s a short film festival with a prize of $50,000 and only one rule – it has to be shot in that city. 

The first year I didn’t feel I could compete.  I’m more of a documentary person, not a narrative feature person when it comes to writing and directing.  But as the years have gone by, and now with this MFA program underway, I have a new found confidence that even if it sucks, I at least want to make it happen. 

So in 2015, I plan to MAKE A MOVIE. I feel more ready than ever before.  It will be a short film idea I’ve been brewing over for months now.  I have my cast in mind, my Director of Photography on board, plus a host of other supportive friends who will help me make this happen. 

Now all I need is the FUNDS


Film-making definitely takes money – even indie film.  Crew rates, equipment rentals, permits, location fees, travel, editing/post-production, promotional materials, etc.  According to festival rules I have to raise the funds independently and that’s why I need the help of my friends and supporters to make this movie happen!

I will be posting GoFundMe and Kickstarter links in the coming days but for now, you can use the PayPal button below to make a DONATION that will go towards production costs. 


Whether you donate $5 or $500, I will credit you in the film as well as on all social media and fundraising pages.  There will also be incentives/prizes for certain donation levels (TBA soon). 

I am really excited about this journey and I hope to have your support.  Updates will be coming soon via this site and the MM Facebook Page so stay tuned.



is in full effect.


Go HERE to Donate today!



Thanks in advance for your support!



[Watch the video to learn more about me & the project!]





Eric J. Smalls(non-registered)
I know you have the passion and drive to be the the next Kristi. I am on board any way I can Be. Please consider me as part of your initiative. I would like to be apart of your Big Picture event.
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